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Kai Humphries on stage

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August 2024 - Edinburgh Fringe
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Jan-May - Daniel Sloss - Can't  
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Late 2024 - European Tour 
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Welcome to the homepage of Kai Humphries, funny, Geordie, stand-up, comedian, hilarious, jokes… where he talks about himself in the third person to give the illusion of having staff then uses sporadic keywords that might show up in your Google search. You may have searched for Kai because you saw him opening for Daniel Sloss, Doug Stanhope, Jim Jefferies, Steve-O, Rhod Gilbert… Harry and Meghan, Kanye and new Air Jordans. Chances are you just followed a link from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Wordle, or Weather… I’ll stop. 

However you found me, I mean him, this is where you can watch his critically acclaimed 5 star special “Punch-Drunk”. The show about how Kai and his brother Gav started a comedy club and used it to galvanise the town of Blyth and the entire comedy industry to raise money for local lad Kian Musgrove, who needed life saving cancer treatment. They helped raise the money by creating the Chortle Event of the Year, The Comedians Boxing. It’s very funny but it might also make you cry and warm your heart.

Kai is currently on tour with Daniel Sloss opening for his tour show Can't which will be passing through Scandanavia, many parts of the UK and Ireland, Greece, Turkey (where he might return from with a new head of hair) Plus many more destinations which are yet to be announced, ending in a massive tour of the USA.

Although the tour of Kai's hit show "Mischief!" is finished, it has been recorded at Soho Theatre and will be available to stream shortly, in the meantime he's working on a brand new show which will be previewing in the summer and launching at the Edinburgh fringe August 2024.


You may know Kai as Muggins, the optimistic half of Muggins and Cream, if not, check out his podcast Sloss & Humphries on the Road. It’s not for everyone but the people it is for, fucking love it. That might be you, one way to find out.

Finally there’s a page of press quotes and high res images, this is for promoters to use but they won’t have read this far and have no doubt already emailed me for them so I’ll just send a link.

To anyone who has read this far, great, you enjoy reading. I also have a book


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