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Late 2024 - European Tour 
New Show 

Sloss and Humphries
on the Road

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Fleeced by a Groomer. Ft. Mark Nelson

Muggins and Cream

Daniel Sloss (Cream) and Kai Humphries (Muggins) are two world touring comics that have been friends almost as long as they’ve been comedians. On this podcast "Sloss and Humphries on the Road" the two of them take you all over the world often returning to their studio where they will make each other laugh endlessly (and occasionally you too) with tales of their adventures, differences of opinions, conflicting world views and staggering hypocrisy.

You can listen to episodes on popular streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcast or watch video podcast episodes on YouTube. Head over to Patreon for bonus exclusive episodes every week, not to mention you will be doing God's work by keeping the podcast in existence. 


Becoming a Patron will give you: 48-hour early access to the regular podcast (Every Monday) and one bonus exclusive episode that often includes special guest comedians (Every Thursday). You can also opt to receive extra bonuses such as signed posters, video credits and competition entry. Every new patron unlocks over 100 hours of our content upon signing up. All for loose change. 


Enjoy x

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